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About Me

Hello! I’m Hannah 

Owner & Designer


In 2014, I graduated from high school along with my Associate of Arts degree. Since I had my AA degree and my first two years of college finished, I decided to take some time of while deciding what I wanted to major in. During my break I found a love for marketing while working as an event coordinator. I decided to go back to school and finish my degree. I managed to finish in just one year and received my Bachelor of Science in Marketing in 2017. 

While finishing my degree I decided to start using my skills as a marketing consultant. In January 2017, I started Hannah Hemen Marketing. Since then, I have worked with a variety of businesses to help improve their marketing efforts through online marketing. 

After two years I have decided to grow my business into ChicGeek Design. With my “reinvented” business, I have narrowed my focus to web design and graphic design. 


*Please enjoy this picture of me and my dog, Dakota, AKA The World’s Cutest and Sweetest Dog, in the BWCA this Spring. 




When I’m not on my computer making cool stuff and learning things, I’m usually on some sort of adventure with my pup, Dakota. Together we enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, car rides, and swimming. I love traveling and exploring the beautiful world we live in. So far I’ve seen 8 countries (Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, Wales, France, China, and of course the USA), and have been to over half the states. My goal is to visit the rest of the states before I’m 25.  

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